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photography and government

Photography and Government
I witness a lot of criticism of government programs everyday in my own country. Not all of them are incorrect but not all of them are correct as well. I had this thought many times in the past that the government should talk about its programs, its benefits and try to make the same message to reach to the people, not for the political propaganda but for the sheer truth and reality. This will not only instill faith among people about the government’s working but also would instill pride and strengthen the sense to belonging. Overall, I firmly believe it will make people do their own duties well and would also make them more content.
I certainly believe that criticism is important and it paves the way for better work in the future. I also believe that one should not temper with any truth and the picture, which should be shown, should only be real. But at the same time I think, to make people less smug and to make one realize the importance of government’s working and not doubt it all the time, it is extremely important to talk about it.
This will make everyone, the government and the public, more responsible and accountable.
It is easier to get drawn and notice things, which do not work well, and everything which works well is taken for granted. But the effort goes towards making any mechanism work and the responsibility also lies among the public to believe upon that mechanism and thus it is extremely important to talk about it, to educate people about it and what better way than to photograph it.


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