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benefit to the world of art during Nazi regime

Benefit to the World of Art due to Nazi Regime
There was unrest in Germany and what can safely be termed as ethnic cleansing drove people to flee the country to save their lives. We have read enough about Nazi Germany and so I find no reason to talk about it.
Bauhaus school, which had started the new realm in the education by teaching design, closed down after being run from three different places. The people who graduated from the school also moved to other parts of Europe and America. This was also the time when America had become powerful after the industrial revolution and people saw it as a country capable of encompassing various other cultures. The New Bauhaus was set by Lazlo Moholy Nagy and he closed is due to financial difficulties and was instrumental in setting up of the department of design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Today institute of design is one of the prominent design schools in the world. Josef Albers, the first student of Bauhaus school to be teaching at Bauhaus itself as master and pioneer in teaching colour also moved to America and joined Black Mountain College and later on set up Design Department at Yale University. Similarly there are many people of Bauhaus who moved to America and taught at various schools. It not only benefitted America in furthering its design education but also kept the principle and philosophy of Bauhaus alive. The American Universities benefitted immensely from this.
The establishment of werewolf as a character was possible due to the imagination of Curt Siodmak. He brought in a new imagination to scientifically imaginative horror genre. He also drew his stories from what he has seen during Nazi Germany. None of us can deny the contribution of Billy Wilder to Hollywood and to our own imagination. There are many filmmakers of even today who draw inspiration from him. Few movies which are notable and the ones which I would like to mention are “Sunset Boulevard” and “Double Indemnity” apart from many others.


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