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the lines follow their own paths, make their own way, go the way they want to.


Too many lines of thoughts run at the same time.I love the idea of putting them in lines and controlling them and making them influence each other only if i want to. But, I wish that was possible......


drawing lines is meditative for me...when i have many thoughts entangled then the only way to sort them out is by drawing or stitching. the more i do it , the more i fall in love with the lines. The quality of line is marked by the thought.....

thread art work with giri's sketches

2010 as a stage in my life gave me lot of focus. I fell in love with my profession of being in design education all over again thanks to the current batch of Accessory Design students in the campus. I just love being with them and learning design again and again and to do a bit of work with one of the "king of INTERCONNECTIONS- giri" can find him at I am posting a bit of the thread work here. you can see the entire artwork on the above mentioned blog.
after doing this artwork with Giri, I have also started working with thread and pen and have done a few illustration in that series which i will be posting here as and when i finish them. Aesthetically it has been great...just wonderful

shibori, Giri, Photography

this is after a long day of shooting the stoles with Medha as the face and attitude, and Giri actively helping out. it was quite tiring, as we all were new at what we were doing.....I as photographer, Giri as helper and Medha as model. Pankaj dropped in with his ever valuable suggestions and tips, which really affected the quality and the composition of the images. I call this "before and after pankaj" series....more of the actual photographs at