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back after the break

its good to be back after a long break from my son's mundan (first time hair cutting ceremony after birth). Its a grand affair at our place with lots and lots of rituals. Will be posting the pictures of the ceremony soon.

NGMA Bangalore Visit

Visit to NGMA, Bangalore. Lovely place. Great ambience. Just felt one day was not enough. Need to go again.


I was just sitting and was trying not to think, but the thought of not thinking was still there. Decided to map the thought on paper and this emerged.


Dastkar, Shibori

I love resist dying and it was just wonderdul to come across this stall in the fair. The clarity of work and the dye is amazing. I know how ruthless dyes are, you make one mistake and the dye will make sure that it is there for the world to see, you just can't alter it. Lovely pieces.... I found the combination of shibori and kantha very intelligent and individual.

NIFT Bangalore: Lambani workshop with STC students

An interesting workshop. Creative language transcends all boundaries, interaction among the swiss students and hampi artisans was totally based on the communication through visuals.

Chennapatna: spice contaniers

These are some of the samples developed with turn wood lacquer. The high gloss of lacquer works very well with glass. I found the combination very interesting.


I have been working with Shibori for almost a year now. I just love the way it works its way with fabric. Have created quite a few stoles in tusser silk. Full range of stoles can be viewed at my other blog.

hand rolled edge finish

Have been working on silk stoles and just didn't have an appropriate method to finish the raw edges on the side. Got to know about hand rolled edge finish.........its just great. It is very elegant and looks very soft and nice. I am really happy that it works and looks nice too.

accessory design department: NIFT Bangalore