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MAAN program IGNOU

IGNOU, Master of Anthropology, first year classes were arranged at Anthropological Survey of India, Mysore from 2nd of March to 6th of March 2015 by IGNOU official. Initially I thought that no one from the participants will come and treaded my way to Mysore thinking that in a day or maximum two, I will be back. But this was far from truth, I think all of us came back after attending almost all the theory and practical sessions, which were planned.
Although, there was considerable delay in conducting the classes for first year, but it did not matter after the entire experience, which was extremely wonderful. Each and every practical sessions and theory classes were well planned. Every moment was scheduled and each and every faculty had prepared the classes. They made sure that we were taken through the syllabus and also took time to clear our doubts.We were also given reference of the extra material, which we should be reading to get more in-depth learning.And this entire exercise wa…