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essay for Ideas of the 20th century

This is the essay posted by me for the course on EDX "The ideas of 20th century"... READ THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE FROM FITZGERALD’S "THIS SIDE OF PARADISE" AND RESPOND TO THE PROMPT BELOW."There were no more wise men; there were no more heroes... Amory had grown up to a thousand books, a thousand lies; he had listened eagerly to people who pretended to know, who knew nothing. The mystical reveries of saints that had once filled him with awe in the still hours of night, now vaguely repelled him." In the above passage, Amory rejects the values and faith he had grown up with. In 400-800 words, give an example of a writer or poet who rejects Amory’s attitude, then give an example of an author who agrees with Amory. Support your examples with textual evidence and try to show how deeply the authors agree or disagree. (As much as possible, don’t just say that the authors agree or disagree about an issue, but try to explain why they do so.)
Amory is the character in “…
"Ideas of the Twentieth Century"completed on EDX...