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Mobile Phone Cameras

My parents never touched any SLR camera and found it difficult to navigate through the Point and Shoot cameras but today they are happily taking photographs of any event with their cell phone camera. They can save images of their grand children on their phone and show the same to other people. I am aware of each and every family event. The valuable events are also printed and sent. They are sent on social networking websites. My profile on a professional networking site in considered incomplete if a photograph is not uploaded there.
My students take photographs of the class-notes given to them instead of noting them down or taking photocopies. Each and every discussion done on the board is saved on someone’s camera for people who did not attend the session. I don’t think there is any dearth of the examples of the way cell phone cameras have changed the world. It has also changed the way we look like. The faces are styled for the photographs. Everyone is conscious of themselves at any place and anytime because someone is always able to take a photograph.
One aspect, which I have noticed is that people have stopped looking because they can always take photographs. A thought towards the concept “that we are looking through someone else’s eye” should be paid attention to. All the reality exists in fragments. A fragment seen by someone else. A fragment created by someone else.


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