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leaf in the diary

i have kept this leaf in my diary for a long time and every day it has looked different....i wish i get the ability to design akin to nature.....

craft and design

Very few products which I come across in exhibitions or flea market or craftmarket done by young designer-entrepreneur mostly held in metro cities are away from Indian Kitsch... the products which i see around are fun, peppy, young and definitely Indian but what is missing is the maturity behind them..i am sure they are mature for their age and the groups they are targeting. But where are the designer-entrepreneur doing products which are not Indian Kitsch?

Contrary to what i have mentioned earlier the new line which i have come across is done by Collective, the stone products are really beautiful and also apt with the skill and the market, (but here the point of reference is stone craft or any other traditional Indian Craft).

I also feel that the designer who are working with the artisans or are linked with the field of craft come out with better products compared to designers who are working with no specific skill base. There are aspects of pr…