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touch of hands

I get immense pleasure when I create things with my own hands. I feel that is what is design for me. My design has to have that touch of mine which can not be replicated by anyone else. I also feel, when I work on any product or surface, it has to have my own self. That is the element which will add a new touch to the product, it will give its own character. I do characterization of my work through the identity which can be brought by hand and can't be replicated in any other possible way. 


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Tia Pakhi Exhibition at Ms. Chandra Jain's Home

Few images from Tia Pakhi exhibition held at Chandra Mam's home in Bangalore. I had the opportunity to be there with Giri and Richa. Beautiful home, well made products using Kantha, tasty laddoos, good tea and oil lamps...these are the memories I am left with....