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I have trying to put ethnography, craft traditions and design in mutually complementary perspective and the emerging scenario holds promise for a new approach to look at design and craft sector from a holistic approach. By looking at ethnography and craft, many design processes can be more clearly articulated. well defined practice methodologies can be put in place with enough freedom to manoeuvre but not go astray. Ethnography emerges out of two words "ethnos' and "graph" meaning 'folk, people, nation" and "i write" respectively. As per the references available, the credit goes to Franz Boas to get ethnography discipline at the professional level and introduce a more inductive analysis and academic rigour to it, where as Bronislaw Malinowski who defined the discipline further more by introducing field work and emphasising on the same. Apart from these two mentioned names there are many more people who have worked in this area to make it into an academic discipline. Sociology and anthropology have always embraced ethnography as one of the core areas of study and practice, and many trained ethnographers today emerge out of these two discipline. 


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Tia Pakhi Exhibition at Ms. Chandra Jain's Home

Few images from Tia Pakhi exhibition held at Chandra Mam's home in Bangalore. I had the opportunity to be there with Giri and Richa. Beautiful home, well made products using Kantha, tasty laddoos, good tea and oil lamps...these are the memories I am left with....

images and visuals

Images and videos are very powerful medium to understand people. They not only record but also manage to narrate visually, which allows one to pay attention to them later on. For a design project, it is imperative that the entire research work is documented visually as visuals tend to hold similar meanings for viewers and manages to elicit a response out of each one of us. These visuals could be put together as individual entity or in narratives format depending upon the design researcher. In most of the cases long videos may not be possible but small videos augmenting the visuals can be easily interspersed, and cheap as well due to access to mobiles.