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MAAN program IGNOU

IGNOU, Master of Anthropology, first year classes were arranged at Anthropological Survey of India, Mysore from 2nd of March to 6th of March 2015 by IGNOU official. Initially I thought that no one from the participants will come and treaded my way to Mysore thinking that in a day or maximum two, I will be back.  But this was far from truth, I think all of us came back after attending almost all the theory and practical sessions, which were planned.

Although, there was considerable delay in conducting the classes for first year, but it did not matter after the entire experience, which was extremely wonderful. Each and every practical sessions and theory classes were well planned. Every moment was scheduled and each and every faculty had prepared the classes. They made sure that we were taken through the syllabus and also took time to clear our doubts.  We were also given reference of the extra material, which we should be reading to get more in-depth learning.  And this entire exercise was not done only because they were entrusted with the task but because they took pride in their work. This level of planning cannot come without belief in self and without immaculate planning. None of us have come back without finalizing our synopsis. The library was kept open for us and faculty members were available to clear our doubts and to guide us through the meandering ways of the library books. It is one of the most wonderful and focused libraries that I have come across.  It was not that the faculty members pushed upon us their idea of anthropology, but they listened to us intently, trying to understand our objective for joining the course and after getting us focused, they asked us to choose topics for project work. Every faculty who was a part of the teaching team was present for the discussions regarding the project work and many a times we were carefully guided to take a path which fell in our interest areas as well as was realistic in its outcome and was a topic which had enough scope for application of anthropological research methods. Each and every faculty had deep knowledge in their areas and thus they took out project many notches higher by just helping us through it.

The practical classes were well planned and theory sessions were conducted in tandem with the practical classes so that we understand the concepts well. Every one of us, learnt to handle the equipments, note down the data and calibrate the results. The importance of each and every equipments and their usage were informed. The discussions were encouraged and all our doubts, no matter how small were clarified with patience.

We were eight of us who finally reached to attend the program and what a group it is. Everyone had their own idea of joining the course and everyone one is focused on their reason.  We really worked together as a group and every one tried to actively accommodate the other members. The students including myself belong to diverse fields such as design, engineering, forest official, civil service aspirants, hotel management and language expert, doctor and bio technologist and yes physiotherapist. The world shrunk itself in size by making all of us , ok almost all, by finally getting linked together on a whatsapp group.

The ANSI did not only took care of all our academic needs but they also got accommodation for us at Centre for Language Studies hostel block and made sure that we were never stranded, neither at the hostel nor at the institute. They took care of our morning and evening travel. The food, which forms the backbone of a human being’s experience, was also taken care of. It was interesting to contribute for food and eat together.

 photos courtesy Akshita
It was a very enriching experience and I am really looking forward to my second year classes.


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