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non verbal narrative and design

The world of design in India has been able to carve a niche for itself as an academic and scholastic discipline, recognized as a formal discipline of knowledge assimilation and creation. Academic practices have been able to put rigour and methodology in place for it to be followed and nurtured upon but in terms of thought this still needs a lot of relooking upon and a constant process of knowledge generation. Design as a field has many stakeholders apart from the ones involved in academics. They form the traditional knowledge resource bank, cultural practitioners and larger narrative of oral traditions. For any space to establish this identity it is important to recognize the unique feature which may be imbedded in its landscapes, art form, oral traditions, religious or cultural practices, community based activities which has a past historical structure behind it. Its not only documentation which is important in this field but what is also an extreme need is to understand the non verbal narrative  which is the skeletal structure behind what appears as obvious. To search for those non obvious entities which exist and without them the form seems hollow is the urgent thought.


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