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Design Public: CKS

I attended the pre-lunch session on Design Public organised by CKS, Bangalore with other partners. It is a wonderful initiative towards discussion on design and innovation in the public realm. Right now I am posting the answer to the response to the question handed over to me during the registration which was asking about the methods to reorient Indian society towards innovation paradigm....the answer has been written after listening to the first three panel discussions...
"Why are we assuming that Indian society is not oriented towards innovation paradigm? I feel that we stay in our own cocooned shells and do not know or do not want to know what is happening the the society level. One way in which we will know that innovation is an intrinsic part of society is by sharing the stories from various parts of India because I am sure that we all know (but we tend to forget) that India is not just the people who are a part of "Design Public" so may be the stories from all over the country can be shared and thus increasing the possibility of it being adopted by interested communities."
More on "Design Public " will be coming my posts...


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